Tendency Zine


To understand someone completely, we would have to spend most of our time with them – watching and understanding how they live their lives. Perhaps even then, we still won’t understand them as a whole.

The idea behind this zine is a curiosity that has been there forever. It is about understanding people. As human beings – socialized, civilized – we learn to be better by learning through others, taking positive influences and shaping it into a part of us. Our mind wonders about people’s minds – how they think and how their decision-making process goes. What makes them them?

When it comes to human interactions, they might not always be able to show the real versions of themselves (perhaps only in cases of inebriation). But when we are by ourselves – without others overlooking – we become who we really are. When we are alone with things personal to us – perhaps our smartphones and computer – we feel free to be.

Creative Direction: Fandy Susanto, Art Direction: Fandy Susanto, Henny Vitri, Design: Henny Vitri.

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