• Mazuki Website

    Mazuki Website


    A company website for Mazuki to accommodate the company’s information and their collections.

  • Mazuki



    Mazuki is a contemporary label for men and women. The objective of this project with Table Six was to create a brand identity as well as an application in a form of lookbook; which was later was distributed during its event in Paris, France and Jakarta Fashion Week, in 2017.

  • Shop At Velvet

    Shop At Velvet


    After working with them for the past (at least) 3 years, we decided to recreate the brand identity due to some brand re-positioning.

  • Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day

    Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day


    Along with the other 4 studios/designers, we were invited to pitch for Indonesia’s 72nd (72th in Indonesian) Independence Day identity.

  • Tendency Zine

    Tendency Zine


    To understand someone completely, we would have to spend most of our time with them – watching and understanding how they live their lives. Perhaps even then, we still won’t understand them as a whole. The idea behind this zine is a curiosity that has been there forever. It is about understanding people. As human beings…

  • London Design Biennale 2016

    London Design Biennale 2016

    print, screen

    We were invited to be a part of the Indonesian contingent for London Design Biennale 2016, to create a project called Freedome. Our role was to help the main artists in terms of the communication and the branding of the main installation. We helped designing the booklet, gimmick, website, etc. Apart from the main role, we were also…

  • Seek-A-Seek



    Seek-A-Seek was a collective graphic design exhibition featuring over 70 Indonesian graphic designers. Table Six was responsible for the the brand identity development, which later was developed by Leboye team. Our tasked includes; logo development, collaterals as well as the overall typography for the captions. We’re honoured to be part of this collaboration among the indonesian best studios and organisations. …

  • Sunset Limited

    Sunset Limited


    Sunset Limited is a particularly designed community space, shop, and coffee. We developed the whole branding from brand identity to marketing strategic, as well as the online-shop based website.  

  • Scouting Unit Press

    Scouting Unit Press


    Scouting Unit Press is a newly launched division of Scouting Unit. Where it will be the vehicle for us to cover art / design in many disciplines. This is one of the earliest editions which covers Indonesian local independent music scene.

  • Hobgoblin



    This year Sajama Cut has been very productive. After few side projects including Strange Mountains, they released their 4th album. This collaborative project involved a painter from USA, Eric Krueger.

  • Scouting Unit

    Scouting Unit


    The project is to develop a brand identity for our side project, called Scouting Unit. It is a a platform for artists, designers, producers to collaborate, creating goods of character and uniqueness. The idea is to create a branding which is not ‘exclusive’ but ‘inclusive’, with hope that many creatives will be interested to collaborate with Scouting Unit.

  • Archie



    Located at the busy Senopati area, Archie is a new premier men’s clothier that specializes in modern classic approach to menswear.

  • ¿Por Qué No?

    ¿Por Qué No?


    ¿Por Qué No? is a Jakarta based Spanish restaurant. The restaurant aims to be a playful yet mature restaurant.

  • Ruitvorm / Headhunters

    Ruitvorm / Headhunters


  • Manullang & Kolopaking

    Manullang & Kolopaking


    After helping Manullang & Kolopaking Law Firm with their rebranding project, we continued to work together for their company profile website.

  • Prajaa



    Prajaa is an Indonesian shoes brand based in New York. This was one of our very first online shop design and development.

  • With Strong Hounds Three

    With Strong Hounds Three


    Our dear friend, Marcel Thee, asked us to design his solo album in form of a vinyl. We have worked together for many projects such as; Scouting Unit, Strange Mountain, and The Bronze Medal.

  • Manullang & Kolopaking

    Manullang & Kolopaking


    The project was to re-brand a law firm. The client gave the restrictions not to touch the logo at all, but simply to implement it to the corporate items. After all the brainstorming activities and what not, we came out with a slight change on the logo, in which, instead of changing the whole look,…

  • The Osaka Journals

    The Osaka Journals


    The band (Sajama Cut) had a project to relaunch their legendary album, The Osaka Journals. They wanted to make the record even better, including the cover art and the prints inside the packaging.

  • Tokkyu Restaurant

    Tokkyu Restaurant


  • Frames Introduction

    Frames Introduction


    Long before we committed 100% to be consultants, like other young, energetic people, we were once had our own magazine, called Frames. This magazine was dedicated to support local artists in Indonesia.

  • Frames Issue no.1

    Frames Issue no.1


  • Frames Issue no.2

    Frames Issue no.2


  • BNI Securities

    BNI Securities


    BNI Securities’ annual report. (done at Afterhours Group).

  • Royal Botanical Garden

    Royal Botanical Garden


  • Sajama Cut / Manimal

    Sajama Cut / Manimal


  • Vivaria Marine

    Vivaria Marine